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Dreamers - What have you dreamt up?  Would you like to see what others have dreamt up?  Find here some original fant

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Manager: genessa
What have you dreamt up?  Would you like to see what others have dreamt up?  Find here some original fantasy, be it prose or poetry, song or art.  It might be a period piece or a bit of a twist to the current state of things, a dark affair or a swathe of lightness.  Pictured:  "The Songs of Ossian" (circa 1811-1813) by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.


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genessa -- excerpt from CAUGHT AGAIN
The poem "Benjamin" from the poetry collection CAUGHT AGAIN by Gail M Feldman
genessa -- zair!
When God, the Devil and a human named Woodrow get together to play poker, sometimes the weirdest bargains are negotiated.
History & Ethnology of Dreaming
Antient history and ethnology of dreaming, together with weblinks to personal websites and to webblogsites on dreams.
Rick Sutclife's Science Fiction
Alternate History SF by award-winning author Rick Sutcliffe. Plus genre portals and other resources.
Seven Seasons of Buffy
Books, links to fandom, advice for writers, and original vampire romance stories from authors featured in the non-fiction book "Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Vampire".

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