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BEL ART ABSTRACT PAINTINGS - BEL ART PROJECT -  The Abstract Paintings Ring  contains web sites of abstract artists and websites discu

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BEL ART PROJECT -  The Abstract Paintings Ring  contains web sites of abstract artists and websites discussing abstract art. It contains sculptural works as well as paintings and other forms of abstract art.

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Paul Bonnie kent Italian Painter
paintings and drawings abstract animal flowers still lifes nudity erotic
Abstract Paintings - Contemporary Art by Keith Garrow
Browse unique and original abstract oil paintings by British artist Keith Garrow. Purchase artwork direct from the artist.
Dalia Rubin's Art
A colorful celebration of original art: abstracted landscapes, figures and still life. Dalia Rubin is exploring life with colors, patterns and textures using oils, acrylics and mixed media techniques on canvas as well as digital media.
Julianne Richards- the Colorspeaker
All Original, Abstract, Expressionist, Painter, Julianne Richards aka: the Colorspeaker: "I work mainly with acrylics, often combined with charcoal or pastels. I paint on canvas. I am moving towards (particularly in 2007),"Big Bold strokes of Color, Evocative Imagery, with the Canvas growing Larger...It has been, and will be such an Experience" Come see fo
Art of Your Mind - original abstract paintings
Original abstract artwork by Nathan John Strother, an artist from the southeastern US whose works in oil, acrylics, and pastels often feature biomorphic shapes in bold and vivid colors.

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