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Americans and Patriots Unite - A ring with sites with a patriotic theme, or a section of rememberance for 9/11 victims or resue workers. It is for any

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Americans and Patriots Unite

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A ring with sites with a patriotic theme, or a section of rememberance for 9/11 victims or resue workers. It is for any sites that takes pride in being an American site. We strive to present factual sites, rather than sites with speculations or conspiracy theories. It includes sites that simply honor our wartime dead. Sites concerning 9/11 present it as an act of war, and those who fell as wartime casualties. They don't include scurrilous attacks on our leaders. Sites that highlight something good about America, about our culture and values, about the beauty of our cities and wildernesses, and about other wars, their heroes, and the sacrifices they made, are all included. Sites that honor the exceptional sacrifice of our military to avoid civilian deaths and treat prisoners humanely are also included.


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Benjamin Franklin Quotes
Benjamin Franklin quotes. Founding father. Great American. Quotes.
My Military Care Packages
This is my site dedicated to showing my support for the USA, the President, and for our soldiers.
america we are the hope
This site is all about AMERICA,and all the great people that make her that way.We will all ways remember 9-11 and now the troops that are in harms way-fighting the good fight for the good of the world and the prade of AMERICA.America-WE ARE THE HOPE.
terrorest attacts news and survival store
we are here to inform people about war, conflicts, terrorest attacts around the world and also give ways you may help better your chances to survive a terrorest attack if one happen in your area.
I Want to Remember
I want to remember this day. I hope this memorial page, one of these pictures, thoughts, letters and links affects your life positively. Teach your children well.

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