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68HCxx - Motorola 68HCxx microcontroller family and related embedded technologies.

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Motorola 68HCxx microcontroller family and related embedded technologies.


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Textbook and Simulator for 68HCS12 and 68HC12
Simulator and CD based textbooks for MC9S12DP256, MC9S12Cxx, and related 68HCS12 microcontrollers, and M68HC812A4 and B32 microcontrollers. Printed textbook for 68HCS12 microcontrollers, all at very student and experimenter friendly prices. (68HC12 simulator is free!) Runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris.
Embedded Microcomputer Systems
I teach a number of undergraduate and graduate lab classes here at the University of Texas that involve microcomputer programming, embedded microcomputer systems, and operating systems. The site has laboratory assignments, example 6811 and 6812 programs, and old exams. There are also two HTML on-l
The Art of Debugging M68HC11
The Handy Board
The Handy Board is a 6811-based microcontroller system that lets you build mobile robots for educational, hobbyist, and industrial purposes. People use the Handy Board to run robot design courses and competitions at the university and high school level, build robots for fun, and control industrial devices.
Sim68xx Home Page
The home page for a simulator package with source code and executables for HD6301, 68HC05, and 68HC11.

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