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PICmicro Sites - An extensive resource base of PICmicro ewnthusiasts. Members sites are all about the Microchip PIC microcontroller and r

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PICmicro Sites

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An extensive resource base of PICmicro ewnthusiasts. Members sites are all about the Microchip PIC microcontroller and related projects such as Application Notes and Date Sheets, information on programming and customizing PICmicro Microcontrollers and much much more.



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   Doug's Shipping Forecast timers and more... Preview Go
Code for timers to turn on cassette recorders and a minidisc play. Code and data to drive older LCD displays. Demos for R/C Servos, an 8 pin Frequency Meter, and reading potentiometers on PIC16F84. Using Web browsers and JavaScript to process serial output from PICs. Theroy on multiprocess code for PICS. Yet another serial Pic programmer for PICs I own.
   Radu's Home Page - Hardware Projects Preview Go
Microchip ICD 1 complete Project, Soft DTMF decoder, Internet Plug and more....
   Simple Pic programmer with software Preview Go
A simple high and low voltage pic programmer, (schematic) with extendable software (VC++ source available on request)

   Jims PIC Micro Site Preview Go
Website Dedicated to PIC Micros, Electronics and General Microcontroller Technology. Personal project design notes, Manufacturers application notes and sample code.
   Embedded Technology Preview Go
1) Embedded Technology - RTOS, Real-time Single-chip solutions & Virtual Peripherals 2) Microcontrollers - MCS-51/251, PIC 12/14/16, SX & AVR
   Gabriel's pages - Win WISP Preview Go
PIC programmer software - Win WISP is a simple Windows interface program to Wisp628 device. Wisp628 is a PICmicro programmer designed by Wouter van Ooijen. This software is also partially based on the XWISP program.
   Microcontroladores Preview Go
Microcontroladores pic intel microcontrollers programmers. Programadores, Espaņol, Codigos.
   Westford MicroSystems - PIC projects in CCS C code Preview Go
A continually updated library of PIC projects written in CCS C, each of which includes description, technical reference, source code, and schematic diagram. Examples: radio control aircraft circuits, aerial photography, marine GPS and autopilots, data logging, Morse decoder, combination lock, Pinewood Derby controller, battery characterizer, and many more.
   engineer in the making Preview Go
what does it take to be an electronic engineer, from the starting to the final stages and how to create things like electronic appliance. Also to relate electronics with mechanical in creation of these devises and how to do this things with their circuit diagrams
   elettronica e modellismo Preview Go
un sito per gli amanti dell'elettronica e dei PIC

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