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Manager: wrug
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One of the original and largest Ring Manager rings, promoting individual WebRings since 1998


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Contains a list of the two hundred odd sites I manage rings I manage, grouped by WebRing's directory hierarchy.

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This is my original website that I made back in 1996. Here you will find my links to all my pages from my doll collection, to my panda page, to my cat page to the webrings that I manage and lots more.
All the information you need about this WebRing.

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Get membership information along with details about this Ring and how it works.
"The Price of a Silver Rose Is Not Free." "They Gave Their Todays For Your Tomorrows" This site is the Official - Unofficial Website - To the Original Website at: "The Order Of The Silver Rose" menu page The original intention for this site was to get it passed Congress to be authorized as a Chemical Wound medal equal to the Purple Heart with full Medical coverage. But now that it has disappeared from the Internet completely it has now become an attempt to regain the Records of all Vietnam Veterans both living and the deceased who have recieved the Agent Orange Silver Rose medal is the purpose of this website.
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This is an EXCLUSIVE RingManager Ring. This one is reserved for managers who go the extra mile to provide the best possible ring to its members and visitors. Providing clear guidelines or rules and supporting an HTML code for those who cannot (or prefer not to) use the SSNB are just two of the tenets of an Ethical RM as set forth by this ring. Applicants must adhere to all criteria for a
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For sites whose owners have pride in this country or support the USA in any way following the cowardly terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Centers September 11, 2001, join us. The topic of your site isn't terribly important, so long as it's family-friendly and NOT anti-USA. All 9/11/01 TRIBUTE pages are guaranteed admission.
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Third in a series of topical Manager rings, this one promotes GENEALOGY WebRing homepages. By navigating this ring, you'll find quality Genealogy WebRings on a variety of hosts (WebRing, Ringsurf, RingLink, Bravenet et al). Instead of searching the directories for surnames or research rings, find the best ones for your family tree site right here!
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A group of websites by, for, and/or about children. From pregnancy to older children, personal and commercial, we've got it all!
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Designed solely for novice members of WebRings, either brand new to WebRing membership or those having difficulties understanding what is required of them AFTER joining. This ring is written in simple terms and provides all the tools you need to get started and become a productive, successful WebRing member.

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