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The Traveller Webring - This webring is devoted to the SciFi Roleplaying game Traveller. If you have a Traveller related webpage, please join us

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The Traveller Webring

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Manager: nblade
This webring is devoted to the SciFi Roleplaying game Traveller. If you have a Traveller related webpage, please join us!

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   X-TEK Industries of Deneb, LIC Preview Go
X-TEK Industries of Deneb, LIC Specializing in military starships and weapon systems. Designs for T4, GURPS:Traveller and Classic Traveller are available.
   Matts Place - Traveller Preview Go
Ship and Vehicle stats for the Traveller 20 system (plus other RPG stuff too).
   Skiltaire in Traveller Preview Go
Rules for playing Skiltaire (5-foot tall technicolor psionic, electric, sentient, space weasels) in Traveller. Includes ships and deckplans, character generation, psychology, culture, history, roleplaying notes, artwork, world and region maps.

   BITS (British Isles Traveller Support) Website Preview Go
This is BITS (British Isle Traveller Support) website, in which you can find details of the various activities by which we support Traveller. Includes details of the 101 Series books, CORE, Traveller software, archives and other support material.
   Kasota Base, Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Preview Go
My latest re-entry into the Traveller Universe (Multiverse?), plus a peek at my latest campaign.
   My Campaign World Preview Go
A guide to my view of the Traveller Universe, and a resource for Classic and Gurps Traveller players and referees.
   David Blustein's Traveller Page Preview Go
David Blustein's pages devoted to Marc Miller's Traveller, Science Fiction Role-playing in the Far Future.
   Across The Spinward Main Preview Go
This is my current campaign following a free trader and crew in their journeys across the Spinward Main. The site is updated monthly with a session log, maps and any other info required for play.
   Mike Marchi's Traveller Page Preview Go
This site is run by a GM who has been developing Traveller related material since 1982. Supporting Traveller in all its forms. Characters, Starships, Worlds, Adventures, Stories and Art.
   Emryys' Amber Zone Preview Go
A Classic Traveller and T20 site supporting play with GRiP on-line. Character sheets, Deckplans and Sci-Fi art to be used with on-line play.

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