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The Stone Circle - A Webring devoted to Stone Circles, Megaliths and other Prehistoric Sites around the world. Our sites feature hundreds o

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The Stone Circle

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A Webring devoted to Stone Circles, Megaliths and other Prehistoric Sites around the world. Our sites feature hundreds of images, travel guides, archaeology, archaeoastronomy, and new thinking on the subject. Sites hand-picked for quality but not censored for controversial ideas. Stonehenge, the Anasazi, Cahokia, Callanish, henge monuments.


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   Andrea Green Landscape Paintings and Drawings Preview Go
A webpage featuring the megalithic paintings and drawings by artist Andrea Green
   Tiverton Astronomy Society Preview Go
Stonehenge - photos, diagrams, astronomical interpretation of stone alignments, and links to other sites. The main site is a local astronomy club based in mid-Devon, England providing details of meetings and events, along with information on telescopes and what can currently be seen in the night sky.
   Tina's Stones Preview Go
Pictures of standing stones and similar magalithic monuments in various European countries plus some side info.

   The Plug-in Pages Preview Go
Site with various sections, including one on Irish History, includes photos of Ancient Sites in the Irish Landscape. Unique Sun/Moon Calendars illustrated with designs from Irish Megaliths available via Mail Order
   Megaliths in north-west germany Preview Go
The site gives informations about several megaliths in north-west germany. QuickTime VR is used to visualize the prehistoric sites. The website is in german but an english version wll be available soon.
   Stonehenge Preview Go
I took these pictures in Stonehenge. I use this Web Page to communicate with the world. Check out Machu Picchu.
   Images of burial chambers and megaliths in Wales Preview Go
A site containing images of Welsh burial chambers and megaliths including Pentre Ifan in Pembrokeshire and Barclodiad y Gawrs and Bryn Celli Ddu on Anglesey
   Philip Blair's flyfishing, prehistoric standing stone, Preview Go
A site covering a wide range of topics but including photos of the Callanish sites and also stones, rows and circles in the northern part of Ireland.
   Megalithic World Preview Go
Megalithic culture Western Caucasus dolmens, tolosis, menhirs, cup marks and more. Graphics, time table, photos, descriptions, theories, catalogs. This site in russian language. Megalithic culture of Russia.
   The Recumbent Stone Circles of North East Scotland Preview Go
This site is dedicated to listing, describing and locating all the recumbent stone circles of North East Scotland. Most are scattered around Aberdeen and can be visited by car or by bus, using Aberdeen as a base location. I have included a description, pictures and how to get there.

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