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The Stone Circle - A Webring devoted to Stone Circles, Megaliths and other Prehistoric Sites around the world. Our sites feature hundreds o

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The Stone Circle

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A Webring devoted to Stone Circles, Megaliths and other Prehistoric Sites around the world. Our sites feature hundreds of images, travel guides, archaeology, archaeoastronomy, and new thinking on the subject. Sites hand-picked for quality but not censored for controversial ideas. Stonehenge, the Anasazi, Cahokia, Callanish, henge monuments.


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   www.stonehenge-avebury Preview Go
Details of Stonehenge, Avebury and nearby monuments, with opening hours, entry costs, guided tours, museums, when built and how, deductions about use, newly-discovered carvings, meaning of the stones and their shapes, visitors picture gallery of stone heads from elsewhere, book reviews.
   Aberdeenshire sculptured stones and circles. Preview Go
Info and Pictures of the Pictish symbol stones and recumbant stone circles of the Aberdeenshire region of the North-east of Scotland.
   The Addington Neoliths Preview Go
Welcome to the official website for the Addington Neoliths, in Kent (The Chestnuts and Addington Long Barrow).

   Nine maidens Stone Row, in CORNWALL. Preview Go
A webpage of pictures of the finest stone row in Cornwall Now with more puictures of Stone Circles on Nearby Bodmin Moor.
   Pagan Underground: British megaliths Preview Go
This landing page is part of a wider site attempting an in-depth investigation into the nature of the Old Religion of Britain and its belief in reincarnation. Clues from Welsh mythology, Irish myth and legend, Norse saga and poetry, Scottish folklore, archaeology, megalithic monuments, the Athenian dramatists, Medieval Romance, Breton lais, Medieval Arthurian legend and more.
   ArkŠoastronomi - astronomi i oldtiden Preview Go
Comprehensive Danish website (in Danish) containing among other things: a little book about archaeoastronomy, an index of more than 300 Danish cultic monuments and a monthly article about archaeology and archaeoastronomy.
   The Caribbean Stones Preview Go
Somewhere in the Carribeans this friend of mine found more than 500 of stones like these. He found them in caves partly deep under water. The area of the findings measures less than 50 sqare miles and includes 5 islands.
   Alastair's DERBYSHIRE Stone Circle Pages Preview Go
An informal guide to circles in Derbyshire, concentrating on high quality pictures and text detailed enough for the enthusiast.
   El Fen˛men MegalÝtic Preview Go
The site gives informations about Catalonia's Megalithism
   The Stonehenge Station Stones Preview Go
A comprehensive (I hope) review of theories and measures attached to the Stonehenge Station Stones.

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