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PRUP (Prison Reform Unity Project) - All ring sites are sponsors or supporters of the Prison Reform Unity Project. The annual Prison Reform Unity Day events

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PRUP (Prison Reform Unity Project)

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Manager: reglisse
All ring sites are sponsors or supporters of the Prison Reform Unity Project. The annual Prison Reform Unity Day events are for the purpose of advancing the human rights of prisoners and their families.

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MACC is involved in the fight against corruption & complicity of the U.S. government, corporations and the justice system that has evolved from the drug war. For addicts, we want treatment, not wholesale imprisonment.
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What I really dont understand is how inmates recieve all of there needed medication while in prison but when they get released they have to go without it because they cant afford to pay for it and they are unable to get health insurance from their state and then the court system criticizes and locks them back up. I am actually in the process of dealing with this same kind of situation and my bro

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