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The Official Linux Webring - Untitled document The Official Linux Webring is a testament to the development of The Linux Operating System. The websi

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The Official Linux Webring

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The Official Linux Webring is a testament to the development of The Linux Operating System. The websites affiliated with this webring all contain pages, tutorials, information, software, and more having to do directly with Linux, Open Source, LUG's and /
or Linus Torvalds (ie. interviews).


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   CampusRox.com - Your Campus Online! Preview Go
CampusRox.com has its very own tutorials section allowing users to download offline browsable tutorials of Java, C, C++, CGI, Linux, HTML, Flash, VB and more. There are over 100 of such tutorials for free downloads. Do check them out and pass the word around. http://www.campusrox.com/sourcecode
   Ethan Castor's Linux Page Preview Go
Ethan Castor's Linux Page
   ike's virtual reading room: linux Preview Go
A collection of Linux related documents available over the net. Most entries refer to individual documents - rather than being a list of websites (as in so-called "link pages") - so visitors can get to desired documents directly. Featured topics: Interviews with Linus, Usage & Advocacy, Distributions, Kernel, GUI, etc.

   HardSID Linux Driver Home Page Preview Go
This is the home-page-to-be for the Linux driver for HardSID and Catweasel MK3 cards. The driver itself should be quite portable to other operating systems as well and this should also be one of the main objectives of this project.
   Linux From Scratch, in Polish Linux Od Zera Preview Go
translation of the LFS 5.0 book, into Polish language
   Linux News Preview Go
Updates on what's going on in the world of linux and it's variants like *ubuntu
   A Stable and Performant Ubuntu Linux Laptop or Desktop Preview Go
An overview, with links, details and examples, for building a stable, well-performing Ubuntu Linux laptop, on which native Windows apps can also be run.
   WDP Linux Store Preview Go
We sell any distribution of linux on DVD format for $4.99. We offer many distributions directly on the site, as well as an option for a custom distro of anything you want that is NOT listed on the site. We have distributions for PC, x86 and x64, PowerPC Macs, Playstation 3s, Xbox 360s, pretty much anything. We offer free e-mail technical support for anything Linux related as well...from installation to package management.
   Amazing Ubuntu Blog Of Awesome-ness! Preview Go
Ubuntu Blog, Tips, Tricks, Tutorials and How-To's and a great resource for beginners to Ubuntu and the Linux World.
   Stuffs For You Preview Go
Solutions to RedHat / CENTOS linux

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