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Languages and Linguistics - An Original WebRing dating back to 1996, it is for websites about languages and/or linguisitcs.

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Languages and Linguistics

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An Original WebRing dating back to 1996, it is for websites about languages and/or linguisitcs.


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   Views of Language Preview Go
This is mostly a page to guide you to other sources of information. Learn about my interest and background in linguistics, especially Esperanto.
   A Beginning Primer to Litaja Preview Go
Litaja is the national language of Lykosha, and was created by Samnr Richter in the 1970's. Includes a short intro, sentence structure and a short vocabulary. Will eventually hold all knowledge oof this alien & micronational tongue.
   English English Preview Go
If you are interested in the English language you should visit this site.

   The Greek Pages Preview Go
An introduction to the ancient Greek language, Unicode polytonic Greek fonts and utilities, and readings from original Greek texts.
   English Bag Preview Go
"English bag" gathers useful links for any good teachers wishing to teach english. I am an english teacher myself and I wanted to collect all the key websites to surf happily and to prepare lessons at the same time.
   Conceptanalysis, Language and Logic Preview Go
Review to the history of Conceptanalysis. Three creators of the modern Conceptanalysis and one of their successor, G.H. von Wright. The structure of a language. The scheme of languages, abstractions and logic. Views of history. 2-level theory of science's language.
   The Preservation of San Lareado Culture Society Preview Go
The PSLCS is dedicated to preserving San Lareado's culture as well as instructing visitors in one of our languages, Karigrafa.
   Spelling made fun with Spellarama Cards Preview Go
Spelling made fun with Spellarama playing cards. For all ages, 115 Letter Cards with 24 Sound Bonus Cards... Players will experience problem-solving, decision-making, and cooperative skills.
   The Life and Reforms of Rajah Ram Mohun Roy Preview Go
My ancestor is Ram Mohan Roy (1772 - 1833), who is sometimes called the father of modern India. He founded a movement for a renaissance of Hindu culture in 19th century Bengal. He was the first person to translate the Vedas into a modern language and challenged traditional culture by organizing religious dissenters and championing educational, social and political reforms....

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