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the original webring - This is as old as you can get on this system, the GRANDADDY of ALL WebRings! Started in May 1994 by Sage Weil, this Ring

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the original webring

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Manager: andrea
This is as old as you can get on this system, the GRANDADDY of ALL WebRings! Started in May 1994 by Sage Weil, this Ring is responsible for everything you see around it now! When Sage sold WebRing, a Starseed employee assumed management. And it eventually came to me. I'm proudly keeping the spirit of WebRing alive through its Original WebRing.


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   Agla Americana Preview Go
A website chronicling American witch hunts, whether the pursued are "witches," or of another name. In the middle of expanding.
   Dooley.Dk - the 3rd-degree in the 4th-dimension... Preview Go
Dooley.Dk - your source for all kind of webthings... - We could mention our E Tools, the Link list, The Swindlers Rock'n'Roll fan page, TUTC - The Ugly Ties Club and the Vespa Scooter page. Not to mention the overall Extra Terrestrial homepage of E.T. Kjeldsen - Dooley.Dk is a pure non-commercial site...
   The Beachboard Homepage Preview Go
Contains links to all websites maintained by James H. and Deborah Beachboard.

   Postcard Collectors and Traders Preview Go
The website if for postcard collectors and traders. It has a messageboard for people to post their views and opinions.
   Medusa and Amber's Page Preview Go
Four great sites in one! They have everything including chat, forums, games and puzzles. There's pages regarding many topics such as individuals, mental health, atheism, everything!
   The Stem Cell Advantage: Use Your Own - Weblog Preview Go
Articles & research related to stem cell research. The author of this site has uncovered information for those struggling with diseases while waiting in the wings for the stem cell controversy to abate. The information states that we can have the ability to utilize our own stem cells through the use of a new patented natural product that was finally made available to the public in Nov, 20
   My Little Space on the Web Preview Go
This is my person homepage containing photo's of family and friends, some jokes, useful links, profiles and other stuff
   What is Habakkuk? Preview Go
Interested in joining an alternative micronation? We have just the opportunity for you! Habakkuk is the greatest micronation on the web. Don't waste time, JOIN TODAY! :)
   .: U N S P O K E N :. Preview Go
A friendly community with a wide range of topics to discuss. Come join and make new friends.
   Tom B.'s Personal Site Preview Go
A typical personal website, with links to a few things I have found on the web.

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