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Scattered Tongues - This ring is devoted to language-enthusiasts, -users and -makers, in short all knowing of Tolkien's secret vice.

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Scattered Tongues

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Manager: kaleissin
This ring is devoted to language-enthusiasts, -users and -makers, in short all knowing of Tolkien's "secret vice".

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   La homepage de Christophe Preview Go
This site in French (I'll add an English version as soon as I can) contains among other things the description of three of my conlangs: Moten, Azak and Reman, and soon descriptions of my other ones. I have also a large page of links to other conlang related sites that can be intere
   Rokbeigalmki on the Web Preview Go
Rokbeigalmki is an artlang with an associated conculture, the Rokbeigalm, seminomads who live in the southern regions of Tolkien's Middle-Earth. Rokbeigalmki is an agglutinative language, with a large inventory of sounds and a few different alphabets.
   The Beacon Preview Go
A language which anyone can contribute to plus assorted other conlang items.

   Solarien - Le langage des anciens Preview Go
Le Solarien en intégral - Uniquement en français pour l'instant - Only in French
   Josh Roth's Homepage Preview Go
Info on personal conlangs, including Khafos, Ngengenoef, Melfem, Pasgemanh, Sngõlpowhetet, Icnac, and Maranche.
   Internation Auxiliary Languages Preview Go
International Auxiliary Languages (IALs) are languages constructed with the aim of facilitating communication between people who would otherwise have no other language in common.
   Views of Language Preview Go
This is mostly a page to guide you to other sources of information. Learn about my interest and background in linguistics, especially Esperanto.
   English English Preview Go
If you are interested in the English language you should visit this site.
   The Preservation of San Lareado Culture Society Preview Go
The PSLCS is dedicated to preserving San Lareado's culture and teaching its nearly extinct language, Karigrafa, to the public.
   English on the Internet Preview Go
The online source of information about the English language and the English speaking world.

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