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We represent a small network of independent Sabbath-Keepers. The spirit has impressed upon us to seek to obtain and build a Sabbath/Holyday Feast-keeper site with a Sanctuary (meeting place), camping sites, rustic cabins and even a bible-based museum for the saints. We are calling this new ministry Sabbath Sanctuary Ministries and we are reaching out to brethren in a move of faith. If the spirit has ever led you to think that brethren would benefit from a sabbatical retreat and feast site then this is your opportunity to act on the spirit's prompting. If you would like to help us in this adventure please consider a donation in any amount. Freely we receive so freely we give. We also rely on the spirit working in YOU, the Saints, to help in God's (YHWH) work. We would like you to partner with us in this effort for the children of the Kingdom of H
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