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Asperger's WebRing - This WebRing is for anyone who is touched by Asperger's or related Syndrome. This could be yourself, family member, teac

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Asperger's WebRing

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This WebRing is for anyone who is touched by Asperger's or related Syndrome. This could be yourself, family member, teacher, case worker, youth worker etc...


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   Making connections Preview Go
Being an adult and a mother with a neurological disability. ..
   facesofaspergers Preview Go
This is a website dedicated to my nephew, who has Asperger's Syndrome. It contains information about the syndrome, as well as stories and advice from people who have Asperger's and people who love someone with the syndrome. There is a message board and guestbook that I encourage people to sign.
   Barry Preview Go
This site is dedicated to my son who suffers from AS and it relates many of his experiences and triumphs. It alos lists many AS/Autism/ADHD links as well as links to some of Barry's favorite sites

   barn school banter Preview Go
A blog from a home educating family of mum, aspie son, the Dxh and the deaf and blind dog!
   Autistic Links Preview Go
Helpful links for parents,carers and professionals who require information on the current state of play on therapys and research on Autistic Spectrum disorders
   Annie Books Preview Go
The Annie Books are a must read for any parent, teacher, professional, or child with the challenges of Attention Deficit Disorders. Michelle and Josh have Asperger's Syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder. They use their unique insight and experience to fight crime, battle evil, and promote world peace.
   TASK: Tennessee's Autism Spectrum Kids Preview Go
TASK was originally created for families in Tennessee, but has since grown to offer support to anyone touched by autism. TASK offers information on neurobiology and autism therapies, including MEDICATIONS; ABA; SENSORY INTEGRATION, DIET; and SPEECH, VISION, and AUDITORY INTEGRATION therapy. TASK has two e-mail lists, TASK and AUTISMMEDS, that offer the latest autism news
   Take A Deep Breath And Say I Love My Children Preview Go
I don't know how many times I say "I love my children" to myself a day, but its alot! I say it not only because its true, but also to remind myself of that fact. So I'll tell you all about the things that make me say that phrase for both reasons...the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'll also share the journey our family is embarking upon in having a daughter with a pote
   Mom's Autism Page for T.J. Preview Go
Autism and related information from a parent of a child with PDD-NOS.
   An Asperger Medical Student in Oz Preview Go
Blog from an Australian Medical Student (now Medical Graduate) officially diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome regarding Asperger Syndrome and Medical School experiences etc.

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