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Americans and Patriots Unite - A ring with sites with a patriotic theme, or a section of rememberance for 9/11 victims or resue workers. It is for any

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Americans and Patriots Unite

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A ring with sites with a patriotic theme, or a section of rememberance for 9/11 victims or resue workers. It is for any sites that takes pride in being an American site. We strive to present factual sites, rather than sites with speculations or conspiracy theories. It includes sites that simply honor our wartime dead. Sites concerning 9/11 present it as an act of war, and those who fell as wartime casualties. They don't include scurrilous attacks on our leaders. Sites that highlight something good about America, about our culture and values, about the beauty of our cities and wildernesses, and about other wars, their heroes, and the sacrifices they made, are all included. Sites that honor the exceptional sacrifice of our military to avoid civilian deaths and treat prisoners humanely are also included.


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   The Bravogabbo Net World Preview Go
One patriotic American's web site. Includes essay written shortly after 9/11 on the Archive page. Celebrate the United States!
   American Legion Junior Auxiliary Unit 286 Homepage Preview Go
Here we have listed our activities and meeting dates. You'll get a chance to meet our officers, learn about their responsibilites and learn about what we do as Junior Auxiliary Members
   Military Code of Honor Preview Go
As a combat wounded veteran, I offer to speak for fallen friends - In war, it is understood that you give your word of honor to do your duty -- that is -- stand and fight instead of running away and deserting your friends - When you keep your word despite desperately desiring to flee the screaming hell all around, you earn honor - Earning honor under fire changes who you are.

   The W5WWW 09-11-01 Memorial Page! Preview Go
This 09-11-01 site contains a long list of the best memorial sites to be found here on the web, along with information to all the latest " 09-11-01 Ribbon Campaigns". There is also a "free-for-all" links section so that visitors can add a link to their own site. Additional pages available on law enforcement, ham radio, Texas related items, and UFOs/Unexplained Phenomena.
   Books about the American Revolution Preview Go
Site gives an extensive list of books about the American Revolutionary War, currently available (in print), compiled by a librarian.

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