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The biggest and most popular Amiga Webring, including programmers pages, Amiga user groups and links to many other Amiga related web pages.

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X500 Plus Case: Pricing & Availability oldschoolgameblog 01/07/2013 (1 posts)
Hi everyone, While browsing today, I noticed that a news ite   more
Blow the Cartridge: Retro Gaming Comics oldschoolgameblog 01/06/2013 (1 posts)
Hi guys, Just found out about an awesome website called Blow the Cartridge.   more
Demo (40KB intro): 40 & a Blunt (Amiga) (2012) oldschoolgameblog 01/05/2013 (1 posts)
Hi everyone, Today it&8217;s time for another Amiga demo I recently discove   more
2012 in review oldschoolgameblog 12/31/2012 (1 posts)
Hi everyone, Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! I wish you all t   more
My Retrogaming Collection: Colonization (Amiga) oldschoolgameblog 01/01/2013 (1 posts)   more
Demo: Large Unified Theory by PwP (Commodore VIC 20) (2010) oldschoolgameblog 12/21/2012 (1 posts)
Hi guys, Hope you all are enjoying the time of Christmas and that your prep   more
Rise of the Robots on the SEGA Genesis: Video Review by Stan Burdman oldschoolgameblog 11/23/2012 (1 posts)
Hi guys, Back in April last year I wrote a review of the Amiga CD32 version   more
The Amiga Guide Magazine Returns oldschoolgameblog 11/23/2012 (1 posts)
Hi everyone, If you are a Norwegian Amiga user or enthusiast, you might rem   more
Amiga: It&8217;s a Knockout! 2012/13 &8211; Game Vote oldschoolgameblog 11/12/2012 (1 posts)
Hi everyone, Recently I received an e-mail from Mike of the It&8217;s Bruta   more
Battle for Wesnoth 1.8.6 afxgroup 11/12/2012 (6 posts)
<div style='float:left'> <img src='http://www.wesnoth.   more
New iODBC available for download afxgroup 11/12/2012 (9 posts)
A new (minor) version of iODBC is available for download. News in this vers   more
The Return of the Amiga 1200 Magic Pack &8211; Part 2 oldschoolgameblog 11/12/2012 (1 posts) Hi guys, First of all, I&8217;d   more
Demo: Artphosis by Hitmen (Commodore 64) (2012) oldschoolgameblog 10/28/2012 (1 posts)
Hi everyone, This weekend a demo party was held in Holland. The event was c   more
Atari: Pole Position Commercial oldschoolgameblog 10/18/2012 (1 posts)
Hi everyone, A few days ago, I discussed the Atari 2600 with a fellow blogg   more
Xbox: Lord of the Rings &8211; The Third Age oldschoolgameblog 10/16/2012 (1 posts)
Hi guys, Got hold of an Xbox recently and bought a game called Lord of the   more
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