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World of Gardening - Gardening is growing as a national passion, particularly with people wanting to eat organically grown produce. Other gar

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World of Gardening

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Gardening is growing as a national passion, particularly with people wanting to eat organically grown produce. Other gardeners focus on collecting a certain plant species or plant family such as primroses, roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, or even miniature shrubs. This Wide World of Gardening's members have websites providing information on every aspect of gardening. Some emphasize plant species and cultivation information. Others focus on a specific garden type such as butterflies, water gardens, rain gardens, or even miniature bogs. This World of Gardening webring has something for every gardener including those with decades of experience and those who are just learning.



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09 - 09/12/2012
September 12 - 2005-09-12 Gardening in the High Desert We worked on making a shelter in the dog's pen yesterday. MDH and son got the decking and framing done. MDH and I did the walls. I really like working with MDH on these things. Son got kind of huffy that his dad yelled at him, but I told him that's how ad's are. My dad yelled at me when we built things, too, but that didn't mean he hated me... I dug up some weeds in front of the dog pen between the dog pen and the front fence. Going to plant daffodils there, at least for this year.


Replied - 09/13/2012
September 13 - 2007-09-13 Gardening in the High Desert Moved big, fat cat from red round toms to lush growth in VB 1 - took photos Watered apple trees, garden, front fence row Garlic order from The Garlic Store came today! Garlic Order for Summer 2008 harvest: Georgian Crystal Korean Red Siberian Polish Hardneck Bogatyr Surprise Bonus I am very excited about garlic planting time!


Replied - 09/14/2012
September 14 - 2005-09-14 Gardening in the High Desert The sunrise was a deep burgundy red this morning, with the hills in purple-black silhouette. Totally awesome. Crisp autumn air. The type of sunrise to sit on the step with a up of hot tea and just soak in the morning.


Replied - 09/15/2012
September 15 - 2007-09-15 Gardening in the High Desert Planted out 48 cloves of garlic today. Having a fence sure revolutionizes my gardening. Don't have to wait for raised beds or worry about dogs! 6 Georgia Crystal 14 Bogartyr 17 Kettle River Soft Neck 6 Korean Red 5 Siberian 6 Polish 2 cloves of Kettle River and 1 clove of Siberian - too small to plant - will eat! Planted 8 bulbs all together. Still have lots more to plant. Well, at least I didn't totally procrastinate and I have at least 4 dozen bulbs in the ground. I will be more than thrilled to get even half that next summer. Still need to put in at least one more bed of garlic - maybe plant some and let them flower - maybe the Kettle River since you get a lot of small cloves from one bulb . I could plant some and l...


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