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The Stone Circle - A Webring devoted to Stone Circles, Megaliths and other Prehistoric Sites around the world. Our sites feature hundreds o

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A Webring devoted to Stone Circles, Megaliths and other Prehistoric Sites around the world. Our sites feature hundreds of images, travel guides, archaeology, archaeoastronomy, and new thinking on the subject. Sites hand-picked for quality but not censored for controversial ideas. Stonehenge, the Anasazi, Cahokia, Callanish, henge monuments.


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Mystery Dolmen in France - 08/23/2013

The rare beach days this week reminded me how most of the everyday and special day activities we do do not leave any traces at all. The repetitive actions that the persons do purposefully for their own leisure may disappear in moments, be over in minutes and leave no trace. Some of these special landscapes are transient, such as the beach establishments. In some countries these have permanent structures, but in some places, such as Jersey, they are just rental services that pile their merchandise overnight under tarpaulin. In the morning they place their beach stretchers in pairs with or without an umbrella in order to lure the customers to take a seat in their comfort. Sand castle being wiped away Many of the families were making sand castles like we were and these castles were wiped out by the high tide. During the hours leading to the low tide the life guards and the surfing board and banana boat adventure renters kept moving their Jeeps and stacks of boards and kayaks nearer to the waterline. Not trace of these tracks were visible the following day and the narrow stretch that stayed above the water was covered by windblown dry white sand. You could see how the same meaningful actions were to follow each others partly by thyway, through the morning we stopped at several roadside megalithic notations on the map.   Started off with Menhir St Paul du Metayer.  The morning mist was  fabulous .... The sheep thought so as well.. They also thought I was crazy taking pics of a stone - which was not even EDIBLE!! The horses at Dolmen du Pouyol absolutely refused to stay out of any shots - and would let us get no closer.  I thought they were a perfect other-worldly pair so I heeded their message and we moved on... to Dolmen du Bagnol...THIS I could find on a map once we returned!  Oh, and this little treasure in someone's back garden...practically across the road from the 'real' thing.  Actually, I don't know if this is a folly or another 'real' thing.... And so back to my mystery dolmen.  Any hints? ...Anyone?

Mystery Dolmen in France

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