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The Vinyl Records Ring links record resellers and dealers across the globe. Be it classical music,jazz, folk, pop, punk, soul, musicals or rock 'n roll you'll find it here. Hundreds of professional dealers selling quality used records from the early days of 78s through the 45s and LP records of the 50s, 60s and 70s.


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Future Examination Gloves – TPE Hybrid Gloves - 09/20/2013

Soon in this November, there will be a series of new examination gloves shown in MEDICA, Dusseldorf. The leading manufacturer in disposable examination gloves, INTCO Medical, is planning to announce several new products in this biggest exhibition of medical and healthcare sector in the world.

‘Our basic concept is always to make the gloves better and cheaper’, said John, the department manager of INTCO, ‘by the combination of new technology of manufacturing and formula study in the raw material sector, our R&D team has conquered the peak of product developing. So it is the time to announce a very different product lines from ever before.’

The idea of ‘different’ is certainly not to make a glove with six fingers, INTCO introduced. For more than decades the disposable gloves seemed to be one of the slowest changing sectors of the medical business. Definitely it does not suit such a wide usage with more than 80 billion pieces per year. Most of the market is possessed by the materials known as Nature Latex Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Vinyl and Polypropylene. However the physical properties and economic matters seem always to be ‘the spear and the shield’, which confuse all the physicians as well as the purchasers in the hospitals, never mention the nightmare of misusing, waste and training courses for such a simple product.

The Vinyl gloves are economic but weak, the Nitrile gloves are strong but expensive, and the Latex gloves have the serious problem of allergy. They can replace each other and be replaced like ‘Ouroboros’. However the INTCO’s engineers find a way to break the chain.

Benefiting from the new achievement of the plastic industry of the TPE, Thermo Plastic Elastomer, the engineers found some particular type of the TPEs which can help improve the specification and properties of normal Vinyl gloves and Polypropylene PE gloves. By this improvement, the new gloves showed amazing test data in the laboratory which showed the promising future to replace their expensive relatives with same tensile strength and elongation rates. The pinhole test results are also positive, which even showed a possibility of the revolution of the gloves in higher request sectors, like surgical gloves.
heat patch
vinyl gloves
wheel chair
ice pack

‘The details of the formula of the combination is still confidential, we have sent the samples to several laboratories and notify bodies to have the necessary certifications and qualifications’, said John, ‘the only challenge left on our way is the acceptance of the market and promotions. INTCO has the good fame of customer relationship, we hope to have positive responses from our valuable partners.’

Future Examination Gloves – TPE Hybrid Gloves

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