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Where Should the Puppy Sleep? - 09/21/2013

Here's a great article that I thought I would pass on...hope you find it helpful! –Kim Brand New Puppy? Let Them Sleep Near You by Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert September 17, 2013 A trainer friend came in the door looking haggard. Her new client puppy cried off and on all night crated in her kitchen.  "I'm exhausted"  she said, stating the obvious. She got a hug then this advice, "Put the puppy's crate next to your bed. " She looked surprised.  "I've always heard I should let them cry it out."  she stated. That is common advice and I used to say it, too. I was wrong. Allowing your new puppy to sleep near you for a week or so makes things epically easier for everyone. Here are the benefits: You sleep which is critical to you being the sort of puppy person you planned on being. You can hear when your pup gets restless so can take them to their potty area before the crate is wet or the pup is upset. Your pup gets to bond more to you. Your family and spouse isn't stressed by the constant crying. Ditto your neighbors, if you have some close by. Your puppy gets critical rest after the stress of changing homes, leaving the litter, etc. The pup in this story had been spayed the week before at 8 weeks, been vaccinated, flown across the country, landed in a new home for two days, been given a heartworm preventative, flea and tick treated and wormed for parasites all before coming to my friend. All that totals up to an assault on her tiny system and I advised quiet and...

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