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Healthy Foods for Dogs: Homemade Recipes - 06/02/2013

Valuable Resource... Is your dog the NEXT victim? Avoid Poisonous Commercial Dog Food ... Discover in ONE DAY the amazing recipes that took John Miller 50 years to develop... Now! A Complete Triumph! Imagine knowing, in just a few hours, exactly how to feed your dog to quickly get ASTONISHING results! I invite you to download 245 Healthy Recipes   Your dog will love you...You can't do better for your animal! John Miller, professional dog-fancier, reveals his Secrets Recipes (strictly here only and nowhere else) and why he refused to sell them to Multinational Companies (copies have been sent to major veterinary schools). Your veterinarian will be asking you for your secrets. 50 years ago, a young dog-fancier, John Miller wanted to improve his dogs growth. After analyzing commercial dog food formulas, he found they were all loaded with unhealthy chemicals. John developed a better recipe himself and tried it on his own dogs...using healthier ingredients....   A Complete Triumph! He couldn't believe how fast his dogs health and behavior improved. Also he reduced his dog food costs by 50%. Happy with his discovery he tried, over the years, hundreds of new recipes in order to see their effects on dog health and growth. From these experiences, he created dozens of amazing recipes that make dogs grow faster and stronger... without using harmful commercial products because they are infamous for mineral deficiencies. John's recipes were so easy to do and so effective that m...

Healthy Foods for Dogs: Homemade Recipes

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