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Tick Season is Here! - 04/27/2013

It's tick season again... Take steps now to protect your pets! –Kim Exposure to Ehrlichia Ticks Increased Fourfold in 2012 By Dr. Becker January 18, 2013 According to a manufacturer of tests for tick-borne diseases, Ehrlichia exposures in 2012 were four times greater than in 2011. This means the tick that transmits the disease is gaining territory across the U.S. The recommendation of the Companion Animal Parasite Council is to load up every dog and cat across the country with monthly, year-round chemical pesticides. The problem is, more and more pets taking monthly, year-in/year-out preventives are showing up in veterinary clinics with tick-borne illness. Clearly, encouraging the overuse of these chemicals isn't the best solution to the problem, for a number of reasons. Chemical tick preventives may reduce – but not prevent – tick attachment. And any tick that attaches to your dog can carry disease. So theses pesticides are not foolproof, but they do add to your pet's toxic load. The safest and most effective tick prevention strategy is to check your pet's body daily for ticks, remove them immediately and safely when found, and have his blood checked regularly for signs of infection. L ast year, toward the end of flea/tick season, IDEXX Laboratories (maker of the SNAP 4Dx test for tick-borne diseases) issued a press release to report there were four times as many Ehrlichia exposures in 2012 vs. 2011 in the south central and eastern regions of the U.S. (Ehrlichia is on...

Tick Season is Here!

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