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Veterinary Integrity - 09/16/2012

Here's a great article about things I have experienced myself...hope you find it informative! –Kim Bottom Line Blurs Vet Practices By: Christine Agro January 3, 2008 Imagine if, every time you went to the doctor, you were given vaccinations that you don't need – vaccinations that offer no benefit but all of the risks of harmful side effects. Or you were given medications with no explanation or information provided. Or tests were being done for no reason. Now imagine that you can't speak and you have no way to tell those who care for you that those vaccinations make you feel sick; you don't want those tests; and the medicine is causing more harm than good. That's exactly what many of our cat and dog friends experience. We bring our best friend to the veterinarian with unquestioned trust and faith that our vet has our animal's best interest at heart, but according to Veterinarian Dr. James Busby , author of How to Afford Veterinary C...

Veterinary Integrity

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