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The Christian Web Ring Forum is open to webring members as well as the public. Feel free to post daily bible studies, devotionals, prayer requests or even personal stories on how you came to know Christ.

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Jesus Fulfilled 100 OT Prophecies - 07/26/2013

Now this may be a shock to many but Jesus is revealed in and fulfilled 100+ prophecies in the Old Testament. 100 Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus  gives a list of more than 100 prophecies Jesus fulfilled that had been foretold in the Old Testament 400-1500 years before his birth. This bestselling pamphlet includes a chart comparing the Old Testament prophecies that relate to Jesus' birth, life, death, and resurrection with the New Testament fulfillment.   100 Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus   contains a helpful chart that presents prophecies divided by topic: "Jesus' Birth," "Jesus' Life and Ministry," and "Jesus' Death and Resurrection." The side-by-side comparison allows you to clearly see the Old Testment prophecies in red type and the New Testament fulfillments for each prophecy.  Also included are "Jesus' Titles and Attributes" mentioned in both Old and New Testaments.   100 Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus   makes an excellent Bible study or reference tool and will help you share the amazing story of the Old Testament's promise of the Messiah's coming and the New Testament's glorious fulfillment of those promises. Here are some prophesies found in the  100 Prophecies  Fulfilled By Jesus  pamphlet: JESUS' BIRTH Prophecy: Be of the tribe of Judah Old Testament References: Genesis 49:8-10, "Judah, your brothers will praise you...The scepter will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler's staff from between his feet, until he comes to whom ...

Jesus Fulfilled 100 OT Prophecies

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