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The Christian Web Ring Forum is open to webring members as well as the public. Feel free to post daily bible studies, devotionals, prayer requests or even personal stories on how you came to know Christ.

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What Do I Do To Earn God's Love? - 05/05/2013
God is mysterious and we do not understand him. He is awesome and all powerful, but is it possible that God can love us when we are bad people and do bad things to others? Is there something we should do to ensure God's love to us? Do we need to start some program of religion to earn the love of God? "He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will, to the praise of this glorious grace which he has freely give us in the one he loves." Ephesians 1:5-6, NIV. PREDESTINED Since God is all knowing he knew that creating mankind would result in his own sacrifice on the cross to pay for the rebellion of mankind. Yet it is a marvel of love that with such complete knowledge God went ahead and created the world and the people in it who would become rebels against him. While many questions arise with the relationship of man to God much is agreed. Most importantly that God not only had foreknowledge of man's rebellion he already had love for mankind that would cause him to make man.  It was part of God's plan that he would love each of us even to his own death on our behalf.      * Before we repent God already loved us.      * Before we serve him God already loved us.      * Before we worship him God already loved us.      * Before we were born God already loved us. ADOPTION When we come to God through Jesus we are not only saved from our sin's judgment and hell's eter...

What Do I Do To Earn God's Love?

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