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Barefoot Horses - Untitled document This web ring is dedicated to the promotion of High Performance Barefoot Horses. Through education an

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Barefoot Horses

Manager: aussiedogs4
This web ring is dedicated to the promotion of High Performance Barefoot Horses. Through education and shared experiences, the members of this ring are advocating a return to the natural horse. They are challenging conventional horsekeeping practices in favor of naturally healthy and sound barefoot horses. This ring does not list sites that advocate barefoot trimming methods that are not natural or based on natural principles as defined by wild and free-roaming equids.

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I really doubt this is true unless severely overused! Cinnamon is surely he   more
Jura : STAGE D?INITIATION AU chuig39 01/13/2013 (1 posts)
Jura : STAGE D?INITIATION AU PARAGERichard Walz AFPNSamedi 2 et dimanche 3   more
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Founder Fotolog farmingwife 07/20/2005 (1 posts) Conventional treatmen   more
One Person's Journey from Shod to Barefoot inv_fict 07/08/2000 (1 posts) Photos and story of on   more
Horsesmiths Farm horsesmithsfarm 02/06/2005 (1 posts) Located in Thayer   more
HoofCraft Barefoot Trims for Your Horse donmiller11 09/16/2007 (1 posts) Natural Hoof Care Pra   more
Texas Natural Horse Trim tnhthhb 04/20/2008 (1 posts) Natural Hoof Care Resourc   more
A Cheval Pieds Nus achevalpiedsnus 01/03/2005 (1 posts) Un cheval peut-il   more
Risorse barefoot on Web alex_brollo 11/25/2006 (1 posts) Traduzioni italiane,   more
About Barefooted Horses annalar16 11/26/2001 (1 posts) Information about bar   more
Nashama Equine chiefbjules 06/13/2009 (1 posts) Barefoot trimming, p   more
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