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The Traveller Webring - This webring is devoted to the SciFi Roleplaying game Traveller. If you have a Traveller related webpage, please join us

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The Traveller Webring

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Manager: nblade
This webring is devoted to the SciFi Roleplaying game Traveller. If you have a Traveller related webpage, please join us!

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   David's Games Portal Preview Go
A common gateway to the Traveller (and one TFT) campaigns David velShandru is currently running. Each campaign is named for the PCs' ship: Aofahr, currently in the 'Trojan Reaches'; Buttercup, currently in the 'Spinward Marches'; Oxide and the Backworlds Campaign, both of which are sited in MTU (My Traveller Universe).
   Aofahr Traveller Preview Go
This website is devoted to a pickup game for folks wanting to learn how to use RPG Realms' Generic Roleplaying for Internet Players (G.R.i.P.) especially the iGM, iPC, and GRIPNet modules. To test G.R.i.P. in a real playing situation, I've adapted an Aslan exploratory trader from my own ongoing campaign
   Candles Against the Night Preview Go
Curent home of the Candles Against the Night Traveller PBEM as well as information about Reavers' Deep

   Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Preview 1 review(s) — Go
A Site dedicated to the Scout Service.
   Cynthia's Traveller Archives Preview Go
MegaTraveller and High Guard designs, Notes from the Islands TCS PBEM Campaign, odds and ends of software for MegaTraveller (mostly), just plain odds and ends.
   Royal Navy Academy Preview Go
RNA follows a band of merry adventurers in an alternate Traveller game universe where Corridor Depot held the line, from invaders and allies. Now standing tall, Depot Prime seeks its future with a Commonwealth kingdom. RNA also provides popular media, conversions and independent ship design used in this circa 1212 campaign.
   Traveller Online Sourcebook Preview Go
A Sourcebook of Traveller information for my ongoing chatroom campaign, Subsectors of play, how to join and campaign information free to use for all traveller players.
   United Worlds Commonwealth Preview Go
An alternative setting using TNE rules. This incorporates my old Star Kingdom of Swan. Also on site the Banners Sector campaign a setting in the TNE Universe in an outlying sector. Plus some MT vehicles and spacecraft
   MegaTraveller materials Preview Go
Some information I'm putting together for a current campaign I am starting up. Links to self produced programs and house rules.
   High Tortuga Preview Go
Classic Traveller RPG Campaign, Piracy & Trade Beyond the Imperium

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