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The Fantasy Trip Webring - This webring is dedicated to the fantasy roleplaying game called The Fantasy Trip, an elegant system developed by Steve

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The Fantasy Trip Webring

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This webring is dedicated to the fantasy roleplaying game called The Fantasy Trip, an elegant system developed by Steve Jackson while he worked for Metagaming Concepts.

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   The Fantasy Trip mailing list archives Preview Go
The archives of the TFT email list, plus a few other goodies!
   Kelly's In The Labyrinth PBEM Page Preview Go
This page is home to my little peice of Cidri...my Play-By-E-mail "In the Labyrinth" game. It has not yet started, so if you're interested in playing(it's free!) then check out this page! It will involve two or so e-mails a day to keep up. Last updated on 7/1
   BC's take on The Fantasy Trip Preview Go
Supplemental and alternate rules, cardboard miniatures, map tiles, etc.

   Mark Antony's T.F.T. site Preview Go
Another T.F.T. site
   TFT Codex 2000 Preview Go
TFT Codex 2000 A Compendium of Resources for The Fantasy Trip™ An exceptional Fantasy Role Playing Game designed by Steve Jackson.
   7HexDragon a TFT Resource Preview Go
Campaigns, on-line character storage and forms, web dice roller, new creatures, adaptations for Last Airbender and Harry Potter, new class of Wizard: the Necromancer with appropriate beasties, new pole arm rules, magic items, et.al.
   Tales of Tintagel Castle Preview Go
Journey back to the glory days of King Arthur and spend some time reliving the bold adventures the knights of Tintagel Castle might have enjoyed. This is not an historical site. My knights are purely fictional. My version of Tintagel never existed. This is a fantasy role playing site dedicated to the fond memories I have of playing The Fantasy Trip, written by Steve Jackson and published by MetaGaming almost 25 years ago. These adventures and settings are inspired by the Grail Quest game also published by MetaGaming at around the same time and dedicated to my fellow fans of TFT.
   Your Guide to Ancient Greece Preview Go
Alliance of Heroes lets you be the hero in the land of Ancient Greece. Where you can fight mythical monsters, debate with Gods of every culture and interact with friends from around the world in an environment of your creation.

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