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Basic Stamp SX WebRing - BASIC Stamp computers, PIC microcontrollers, and related embedded technologies.

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Basic Stamp SX WebRing

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BASIC Stamp computers, PIC microcontrollers, and related embedded technologies.

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   Shaun's Basic Stamp Page Preview Go
Basic Stamp II projects complete with code, schematics and lots of info. Project include, altimeter, temperature logger, RF remote control, visual basic projects, keypad project, and much more.
   Electronic and mechanical design and production service Preview Go
Copeland Electronics develops embedded modules and provides design services including: Schematic capture and board layout, mechanical design in 2D and 3D, prototype to production assembly, Aluminum CNC machining, Injection molding and much much more.
   Electronically Monitored Ecosystems Preview Go
EME Systems is an engineering firm that offers a data logger based on the BASIC Stamp microcontroller. The site has extensive application notes online for interfacing the BASIC Stamp to sensors and about BASIC Stamp math for data processing..

   Pic 12c508 programmer Preview Go
En esta página aprenderas a hacer un programador de pics y como programar el pic 12c508 el usado para los famosos mod chip de la consola playstation.
   theByteFactory - Microchip Consultant Program member Preview Go
FREE PICmicro bootloaders with C source code included! Microchip PIC is our microcontroller of choice after more than a decade of firmware development. The PICmicro combined with the highly optimized PIC-C Compiler that we use has proven to be extremely affective in all stages of development from concept feasibility to product delivery. Visit the site for more information.

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