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Romanestan - Websites about Romani (Gypsy) history, culture and linguistics; Romani (Gypsy) Associations and Organizations in the wor

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Websites about "Romani" (Gypsy) history, culture and linguistics; Romani (Gypsy) Associations and Organizations in the world; Romani (Gypsy) homepages. The Romani are basically a nomadic people who can be found in much of Europe and western Asia. They have several of their own languages. Commonly, they travel in small vehicles such as wooden rooms on wheels, drawn by horses. They make a living by performing, and telling fortunes, among other things. They are a proud and badly misunderstood people. Some have settled, but many still roam. Some retain their old ways, and some embrace Christianity, and still retain their culture. They have close-knit families. They are commonly the victims of extreme discrimination, and it is difficult for them to get a decent education or employment. These pages tell their stories.


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   Opera Nomadi Sezione di Milano Preview Go
Sito in italiano che raccoglie articoli, fotografie, storia, cultura, ed altro sulla popolazione zingara presente sul territorio nazionale.
   Mujer Gitana, transmisora de la cultura Preview Go
La mujer gitana como portadora de la cultura de su pueblo. Análisis sobre el origen de la nación gitana.
   Jimmy MacDonald's Website Preview Go
✞Short personal/family profiles: photos, slideshows, videos, guestbooks, photo guestbook. Scotland's Ethnic People: The travelling people, language, gaelic, beurla reagaird. Spirituality: faith, place of worship, Elim Paisley.✞

   E Lashi Viasta - Romanes Preview Go
The New Testament and Bible promises in Rhomanese/Gypsies language.
   Aj, Rromale! Preview Go
Mishto aviljan ka AjRomale, ekh blog kulturako thaj lumnake nevimange le Rromenge, thaj vunivar le Phirutnenge. Welcome to AjRomale, a blog about the culture and world news of Romani, and sometimes Travellers.

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