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Live Stock Guarding Dogs - Herdenschutzhunde - Welcome to Livestock Guarding Dogs   This Ring features websites of Live Stock Guarding Dogs fr

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Live Stock Guarding Dogs - Herdenschutzhunde

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Welcome to Livestock Guarding Dogs   This Ring features websites of Live Stock Guarding Dogs from around the world. With educational infomation about the breeds, training, puppies for sale and other resourses.


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   Desert Willow Aussies Preview Go
Desert Willow Aussies is an established kennel that has strived to keep this wonderful breed to it's original design with emphasis on disposition/health and beauty. Hall of Fame and Championship ancestry in our time proven bloodlines produce incredible well-bred family companions that excell in the show ring and working fields as well.
   Sugar Cub's kennel Preview Go
Om våra Pyrenéerhundar, och våran kennel. Se bilder, läs om både rasen och om våra hundar, samt mycket annat skoj! About Great Pyrenees and our kennel. Look at pictures, read about the breed and about our dogs, and much more!
   Xena and Hercules Preview Go
This is Xena and Hercules story and the story of the first 6 weeks of their babies lives. This website is to show you Xena and Hercules children entrance into the world and here you will see each and every one of them grow up. Hopefully there will be later pictures of these precious little babies in their new homes a little into the future.

   Great Pyrenees - Pyrenaeenberghunde vom Beerenkotten Preview Go
Veterinarian breeds Great Pyrenees out of international bloodlines in Germany. The objectives of the kennel are healthy dogs in the FCI-Standard.
   Regalia Great Pyrenees Preview Go
Everything you should know about the Great Pyrenees breed BEFORE You buy one! Personality quirks,Health issues,Temperament, LGD,Faq's etc. What to look for in a Breeder. How to evaluate a litter/puppy. The difference between a "Responsible" Breeder and a backyard breeder. The truth about Pet Stores. Training,links, books, pictures and more.

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