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The Esoteric Programming Languages Ring - Abandon all hope ye who enter here, for you are about to enter the domain of that most terrifying of creatures - the eso

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The Esoteric Programming Languages Ring

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Manager: andrew_jacobs
Abandon all hope ye who enter here, for you are about to enter the domain of that most terrifying of creatures - the esoteric programming language. May whatever gods you worship have mercy on your soul.

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   Timmy's Cave Preview Go
Random crap and BF.
   WPU - Weird Processing Unit - there's more than one! Preview Go
WPU stands for Weird Processing Unit, which is basically series of various experimental processors (architectures), that try to be interesting, new, original, extraordinary, different or just plain weird. WPUs try to be original and playful and they usually go beyond the boundaries of convention - things we consider normal. They don't always intend to compete, replace or improve standard processors, or fill any gaps on the market: WPUs don't try to find any gaps, they rather go to the edge, then go even further and build there :-) Some of them are however coming up with interesting ideas, that can be actually used someday.
   J-INTERCAL Preview Go
J-INTERCAL is a port of INTERCAL to Java, currently supporting the INTERCAL-72 language and the COME FROM extension.

   some brainfuck fluff by daniel b cristofani Preview Go
my many brainfuck programs, plus implementations and commentary.
   The GBrainFuck Interpreter Preview Go
GBrainFuck is a bloated BrainFuck language interpreter, written in C, without hard limits for the tape.
   REVERSE The Programming Language Preview Go
With no IFs, FORs, or any other selection or repetition statements, the only way to make a choice or loop is to reverse a program's flow.
   Mr. Rock's Brainfuck Pages Preview Go
A small language (only eight instructions) that kinda grows on you, I find it a fun diversion from my usual coding diet of Perl, SQL and some occasional Visual Basic.
   The Unlambda Programming Language Preview Go
Tutorial, reference documentation and implementations of the Unlambda programming language, an obfuscated functional programming language with no variables, loops or data structures: just combinators.
   Intercal Non-Tutorial Preview Go
Shows by example what to do if you for some reason need to actually write something in Intercal.
   Threaded Intercal Preview Go
The home of the Threaded Intercal project, bringing multi-threading to C-INTERCAL to allow even more tangled programs.

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