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Electrical transformers - This electrical engineering, manufacturing and supply ring covers all types of transformer and wound inductive component

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Electrical transformers

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This electrical engineering, manufacturing and supply ring covers all types of transformer and wound inductive components. It excludes toys. Transformers are inductive components, comprising an electrical conductor wound on a core of magnetic material (silicon steel or ferrite), used to transform voltage and current. This ring is for users, suppliers and manufacturers. It includes all applications (e.g. resistance welding transformers) and services (e.g. C-cores, coil winding).

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   Resistance welding transformers Preview Go
Isomatic designs and manufactures transformers. A specialist area is welding transformers, particularly integrated transgun resistance welding transformers to ISO10656 and ISO5826.
   Coil Winding Preview Go
Isomatic has a modern coil winding production for transformer manufacturing and as a contract service to customers. Operator assisted winding machines permit special winding specifications.
   Small transformers Preview Go
ISOMATIC designs and manufactures mains transformers from 3 to 1000 VA, ferrite transformers for the electronics industry, inductive filters, solenoids, toroids and other inductive components.

   C-cores Preview Go
ISOMATIC produces C-cores for mains transformers; low noise, low magnetising current, fast assembly, low cost. Wound from grain oriented silicon steel strips, annealed, impregnated, cut into pairs.
   Single phase to three phase conversion Preview Go
A range of single phase to three phase converters, comprising solid state switching and motor-generator. 600% overcurrent for hard starting and momentary overload. Suitable for farms, workshops, etc, where the site lacks 3-phase supply and within large buildings where all 3 phases are not close to the equipment location.
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This electrical engineering, design, manufacturing and supply ring, covering all types of transformer and wound inductive component, aims to bring together manufacturers, suppliers and users.
   OSHA Online Safety Training Programs Preview Go
User friendly online interactive OSHA safety training programs.OSHA 10 & 30 Hour "Lifetime" Outreach Cards.40-24-8 Hour Hazwoper Training Online. Osha 10 and 30 Hour Construction & General Industry Training. Available in SPANISH.

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