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* * * WANTED: QUALITY WEBSITES * * * This webring is for the most exceptional websites on the internet, and you'll find them here: America's most wanted websites! Do you have an exceptional website? Are you looking for exceptional websites? Come check us out! Maybe your site will qualify as one of America's most wanted websites!

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   Garbage Trucks and where to find them Preview Go
A waste collection vehicle (WCV), or colloquially called a 'Garbage Truck', 'Dustcart' or 'Dustbin lorry' is a truck specially designed to pick up smaller quantities of waste and haul it to landfills and other recycling or treatment facilities. They are a common sight in most urban areas.
   New York City Subway System Preview Go
Article based on a column by NEW YORK NEWSDAY reporter Jim Dwyer. A look at what has gone wrong with the subways since 1940. New York City's Transit Museum held a panel discussion on the merits of various types of subway maps. To kill an hour in New York City, try a subway ride. Second Avenue Subway and #7 Flushing Line Extension.
   Chicago Rail Fair of 1948-1949 Preview Go
In a recent National Railway Historical Society Bulletin I read that at the time of the Chicago Rail Fair of 1948, Chicago had 22 Class 1 railroads, 9 switching/terminal roads; 6 industrial railroads and 3 suburban (interurban) roads. I have searched for all the information available on this memorable event.

   The Mighty O&W, A 1950's perspective of the Ontario & Preview Go
All about the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad. Some pieces of this railroad that was lost in 1957 are still used by other lines. It started three years before the Golden Spike was driven at Promontory Point. The main line went from Weehawken, NJ to the port of Oswego. There were numerous branches to Delhi, Utica, Rome and into Pennsylvania.
   The New York Central Railroad in 1950 Preview Go
Several years ago I wrote a story on the major railroads of 1950 and what happened to them. Now I am following up with a closer examination of the New York Central Railroad. This railroad only lasted until 1968 when it merged into Penn Central. But, what was it like in 1950? Find all sorts of unusual things from 1950 such as listings of all equipment and tracks, income from unusual investments and affiliates.
   Abandoned Railroads: Hojack Lines, Connecticut & Other Preview Go
Abandonments of New York Central "Hojack" Lines. Abandoned Connecticut Railroads include Ridgefield Branch of the New Haven, Shepaug Railroad, Derby to New Haven, Canal Line. Just Around the Corner by Bertrande H. Snell. NY Central Ottawa Division abandoned. REA Express.
   Pa.State Constable 13 Preview Go
State Constable's Yesterday and Today.
   Anti Aging Magnetic Field Technology Preview Go
Stop & reverse the aging process with Neodymium, a rare earth material & the world's most powerful magnet!
   Xango Mangosteen Juice Preview Go
Traditionally utilized to control pain, fever and to ward off infections of every kind, to protect against disease, increase energy, and as a natural anti-inflammatory, the whole mangosteen fruit has been used and revered for thousands of years. Drink 100% Pure Xango Mangosteen Juice and experience one of nature's li'l known natural cures!
   Website and Graphic Design, Asheville, NC Preview Go
Located in Asheville, NC, AD Graphic Design specializes in website design with Search Engine Optimization; flyer, ad and postcard design; total book and catalog layout, including covers and interior design.

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