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Scattered Tongues - This ring is devoted to language-enthusiasts, -users and -makers, in short all knowing of Tolkien's secret vice.

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Scattered Tongues

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Manager: kaleissin
This ring is devoted to language-enthusiasts, -users and -makers, in short all knowing of Tolkien's "secret vice".

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   Ailanto's Language Page Preview Go
Primary interests are Esperanto, Glosa, and German; and Madhumisc, my own little archaic English project.
   The LARA Language Preview Go
Lara is an artistic fictional language began in 1991 by Alex-Lexa. Initially it was created for amusement, but at present it has a vocabulary of more than 7000 words and a complete grammar.
   Atlan - the language of the Atlantean Empire Preview Go
The history of Atlantis and its empire, supposedly discovered in an alternate world. It contains detailed descriptions of the languages of the Atlantean Empire, especially Atlan, its sister tongues and their ancestor, Juralic

   The Akbiekdi Language Page. Preview 1 review(s) — Go
The web site for Akbiekdi, my 8th conlang, but by far the easiest and most interesting.
   A Beginning Primer to Litaja Preview Go
The national language of the nation Lykosha. Includes an intro, basic sentence structure, some vocabulary, etc. Created by Samnr Richter.
   Minyeva Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Minyeva is a constructed language whose goal is to achieve maximum semantic precision. It could be considered a logical language. It is completely regular and the phonological rules are simple.
   Rochadan Preview Go
Sen sad o Eomer nedparf ar nedrinceg ar teitho nedglam bain o Gondor.
   Siidmak (a conlang) Preview Go
Siidmak is my latest project. This isn't a pretty page, but it is growing little by little
   Tyl Sjok -- An Isolating Constructed Human Language Preview Go
The title says it all: Tyl Sjok is an isolating language. The design goal is simplicity of grammar and lack of lip movement. It only has one grammar rule, one open lexical class of words and makes most morphological categories of other languages optional and moves them into the lexicon.
   Almaqerin and Sitarwelas Preview Go
Almaqerin and Sitarwelas were spoken respectively in the old cities of Almaq and Sitar, in the southern lands of Silé... The site currently includes a detailed Almaqerin grammar, the phonology of Almaqerin, a lexicon and a presentation of two writing systems. [Last update: April 1, 1999]

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