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Quality Art Sites Only. Featuring Artists, Galleries & Art Resources.


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   A.A. Beijk Preview Go
Site of the Dutch conceptualvisual artist Arnold Adrian Beijk.
   WATERCOLOR paintings by Artistwc Preview Go
As I start posting my artwork, I will try to go from oldest to newest but I cannot guarantee that will be reality. I have been seriously watercolor painting since 2008 which is also the start of my spiritual journey. The two have only recently begun to merge noticeably in my artwork. The subtlety of my spiritual journey in my art is something to note. As I blog and post, you will start to see my journey unfold. And like many of my pieces of artwork, I am still a work in progress (WIP).
   Paul Bonnie kent Italian Painter Preview Go
paintings and drawings for sale figurative abstract surreal metaphysical pet flowers still lifes nudity erotic Biography exhibitions etc.

   The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company Preview Go
Theatre & Film company based in Brixham, Devon, Southwest England, specialising in newly written and researched historical dramas for stage (locally) and screen (internationally). Giving local actors the chance to be seen and shine, we are an energetic, ambitious, happy team. Find out about our latest shows, films, castings and projects. As seen on BBC TV.
   Gothicism and Romanticism in William Blake Preview Go
In such articles and paintings as �Songs of Innocence: the Chimney Sweeper�, �The Clod and the Pebble�, and through the paintings and writings in his �Books of Urizen.� William Blake used the ideas of Death and God, along with several thoughts on the failures of love and imagination.
   The Christian Art History Archive Preview Go
An art history archive of old Christian art and modern Christian art.
   Humania Spirit :Virtual world, surealistic dreams Preview Go
Humania Spirit, electronic music, 3D images, drawings, fantasies worlds
   The Muse Factory - Online Workshop For Amateur Writers Preview Go
A website devoted to the online amatuer writing community, featuring poetry and fiction as well as resources for writers.
   Graham Heard Expressionistic Portraits Preview Go
"Graeme Heard paints the famous of this world in strong and striking colours which slash and dance across the canvas with such force they confuse the traditionalists." Peter Russell-Clarke Herald Sun
   Alice's Art Page Preview Go
An art gallery, featuring the works (all scanned by the author of the site)of Mark Chagall, Vincent Van Gogh, Gustave Caillebotte and Gustav Klimt.

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